the infamous about me page

hey i'm nick! i'm a freelance designer/developer specializing in iOS. since you're still here, i guess you're looking for a little bit of info about me.

i could tell you that i'm from ohio and went to school at THE ohio state university. i could mention that now i live in dc (whoooo columbia heights!) and love it. i could talk about my love of craft beers, and my unhealthy obsession with chipotle, but that's probably not what you're here for.

instead, i'll focus on the fact that i build clean, user-friendly apps for iOS. think of me as a design shop and a development team rolled into one. i let you dodge the disconnect between designers and developers on what is techncially feasable, saving you both time and money! on top of that, i have experience with a variety of iOS features including location services and social network integration.

when you combine my passion for design and usability with clean, bug-free code, the get a beautiful app that you and your customers will actually enjoy using.

have an idea you'd like to make reality? drop me a line and we can chat!